Mary Helen Stefaniak

I just received the galleys of The Cailiffs of Baghdad, Georgia!

April 18, 2010

A bound galley--complete with cover design--was in my mailbox Friday, the ultimate proof that my "vivid, continuous dream" of a novel is really a book that may find its way into other people's hands (and maybe their vivid dreams as well). Once again, I'm grateful, humbled, hopeful, and just plain thrilled. I'm probably not (more…)

April 14th Wednesday Words at the Nebraska Arts Council

April 15, 2010

It was a pleasure to read from The Cailiffs of Baghdad, Georgia to a great lunchtime audience at the headquarters of the Nebraska Arts Council, 1004 Farnam Street, in Omaha. The thirty or so people filling the tables and extra chairs laughed in all the right places, much to my delight, while I (more…)

Selected Works

A hidden history of the South emerges when a worldly teacher leads Threestep, GA, to reinvent itself, setting in motion events that lead to triumph and tragedy for a black teenager who happens to be the smartest person in Piedmont County, Georgia.
Hilarious and moving, a masterful debut novel about a Milwaukee immigrant family's secret history.
Short Fiction
"Every story I have ever written is in some sense an argument with Flannery O'Connor, as well as a tribute to her. This story happens to be the only one that mentions her by name."
Short stories by Nebraska writers edited by Ladette Randolph, with an introduction by Mary Pipher
Fiction (short stories)
In these nine stories, “the familiar world is both funnier and sadder than it seems.”
--Kalamazoo Gazette
Creative Non-Fiction
A rich and comprehensive collection of literary writings about the Midwest.